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In I See Pink Elephants, Dr. Fowler, through some of her personal experiences, challenges her readers to take an introspective look at themselves and break out of their prisons. Doing so may be uncharted territory that can be terrifying but promises to be liberating. She takes us on a riveting journey that explores the challenges that silently distract us from becoming our true selves. Unforgiveness, anxiety, fear, doubt, insecurities and procrastination are some of the strongholds many of us face and Dr. Fowler, with creativity, paints the image in the mirror with 21 self-reflective, thought-provoking chapters. She provides an additional 10 chapters with God’s perspectives and His desires for us to live fulfilling lives; she gives us advice on how to overcome the challenges to dismantle the lies that the enemy and the system of this world tries to persuade us with. Not only are the chapters filled with the word of God as a source of inspiration but they are also laced with amazing and fun scientific facts. It’s your very own reinvigorating internal safari.

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