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The OUTPOURING: are you ready?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The time that we live sometimes seem to have been contaminated by governmental strategies and polluted by man-made idealism; we have become privy to a world that has taken Jesus out of our homes, schools and in some instances the church. With popcorns and reclined seats we have watched the church mocked at and ridiculed. It is assumed that many believers have become comfortable and our anointing and our love has been pruned and dried up.

But I submit to you that there is soon to be a season of the outpour, a flow of God's anointing. The season of the supernatural! Where signs miracles and wonder will collide and invade our churches, our schools, our communities and our land! There will be an outpour of God's power like you've never experienced it!

I implore you to brace yourself to expect the unexpected; to expect a fresh outpour of the Holy Spirit during the hard times or not so good moments: when things seem to be all wrong and you can’t see the silver lining behind your dark clouds. Expect a shift by the Holy Ghost and what was suppose to stop you or distract you will be the thing that catapults you into a cataclysmic windfall of His glory. For expectancy is the breathing ground for miracles! If you expect to be healed then you will be healed; if you expect to break free from mental stress and depression then free you shall be.

I declare that the floodgates of heaven are open and heaven has released your miracle with your name on it! Heaven has released and will poor mantles: strategies for war, strategies for business, strategies to increase wealth, new ideas, and new inventions. Turn your cups up and receive an overflow.

Bask in the unrestrained presence of the Lord and take the limits of Him. We discourage distractions, weariness, and lukewarmness so that nothing will stop you from receiving all God has for you. Be changed, be transformed, be healed, be inspired, be strengthened, you are welcome to receive it all! Receive the outpour!

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